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Terms and Conditions for Aquarius Charters 1. Definitions In these Terms and Conditions unless the context indicates otherwise: Booking Form means any booking form submitted by You to us including our online booking form; Event means the event specified in the Booking Form or the date agreed upon by You and us; Event Date means the date specified in the Booking Form or the date agreed upon by You and us; Event Services means the services specified in the Booking Form or the services agreed upon by You and us; Force Majeure means any cause or circumstance beyond Aquarius Charters reasonable control, including but not limited to, any lack of production capacity or raw materials, strikes, lockdowns, labour disputes, fires, floods, acts of god or public enemy, malicious or accidental damage, delays in transport, breakdowns in machinery or restrictions or prohibitions by a government or any semi government authorities or embargoes; Aquarius Charters or we/us means Aquarius Charters ABN: 32871187018 Liquor Licensing Legislation means the Liquor Act 1992 (Qld), the Liquor Regulation 2002 (Qld) and any accompanying regulations or legislation; You/your means the client obtaining the Event Services 2. Licensing Aquarius Charters is a licenced venue. Please be aware that we are mindful of the liquor handling responsibilities, and we are unable to supply liquor to disorderly, unduly intoxicated and underage persons. Patrons showing signs of undue intoxication or disorderly behaviour will be refused service and may result in the end of the cruise at our discretion. 3. Bookings You acknowledge that a tentative booking can only be held for 72 hours. The booking is not considered confirmed until we have received your initial deposit (as specified in clause 4.1 below) and Booking Form. If your Booking Form and Initial Deposit is not received within 72 hours, your tentative booking will expire and your date will be available to be booked by others. We will send you a confirmation of your booking, once we have received your Booking Form with signed Terms & Conditions and Initial Deposit of $750. 4. Payment All payments below include 10% GST. Payments can be made by cash, direct credit or by credit card such as Mastercard and Visa. Please note a 2% surcharge will apply to all credit card transactions. 4.1 Initial Deposit Upon returning the Booking Form, a tax invoice will be sent to you from Aquarius Charters for a Initial Deposit of $750. Your booking is not confirmed until both Booking Form and Initial Deposit have been received and until Aquarius Charters has accepted your booking by sending you written confirmation. 4.2 Guest Numbers & Final Payment At least two (2) weeks before your Event, final guest numbers are to be confirmed and a tax invoice will be sent to you from Aquarius Charters for the remainder of the Total Cost, less the deposits paid to date. Payment for this invoice must be received by Aquarius Charters two (2) weeks prior to your Event. This payment is strictly non-refundable. 4.3 Surcharges Functions on a public holiday will attract a surcharge. 5. Cancellations All cancellations must be advised in writing. You may cancel your cruise at any time and fees will be applicable. Cancellations 60 days prior to your cruise date - full refund of your deposit. Cancellations 30 days prior to your cruise date- your deposit is non refundable. Cancellations of your cruise up to and including 14 days of your cruise date,-all money is non refundable. Reschedules are considered the same as a cancellation. If you cancel your booking after the Final Payment has been received by Aquarius Charters you will forfeit the Initial & Final Payment and your booking will expire and your date will be able to be booked by others. These cancellation policies are in place because of the date-specific nature of Aquarius Charters business activities. In signing our Terms and Conditions you understand that Aquarius Charters reserved a specific date & venue for your Event to the exclusion of others. 5.1 Covid Policy Should a Government directed Lockdown due to Covid 19 Pandemic be enforced and Aquarius Charters is no longer able to provide a service, we will allow a postponement of your event up to a 6 months from your initial date with no monetary penalty. This is subject to our availability on the new date. Penalty rates/surcharges for Public Holidays if the new date falls on them still apply. This comes into effect if you are unable to hold an event due to the Lockdown. 6. Children and Minors All children must be strictly supervised and remain with parents or guardians at all times. Children must be supervised at all times in all areas. 7. Force Majeure Aquarius Charters will not be liable for any failure, default or delay caused by an event such as acts of God, fire, flood, storm or threats/acts of violence or Pandemic such as Coronovirus that occur beyond the reasonable control of Aquarius Charters . Aquarius Charters is not responsible for any additional costs incurred or for consequential loss of any nature. 8. Insurance/Damages The hirer is responsible for any loss or damage inflicted on the venue or equipment during the period of hire. All breakages must be paid for. Aquarius Charters is careful when looking after its guests and their belongings however, we cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any property of the hirer or the hirer’s guests during the period of the hire. 9. Music Aquarius Charters can recommend a professional and trusted DJ or acoustic Musician. who will endeavour to play your preselected choice of music throughout the function. Should you wish to play your own music through our sound system, you can send us a spotify playlist prior to your event. Musicians must be packed up and ready to depart at your scheduled departure time. They may need to finish earlier to accommodate this. 10. Smoking Smoking and vaping is only allowed in the designated areas. 11. Pick up and Drop off points You can nominate one pick up point and one drop off point for your guests. Should you require additional pick up and drop off points a fee of $250 will apply per berthing. 12. Decorating Decorating can be done on board 2 hours before your scheduled charter time for no more than 1 hour at Rivergate Marina. If we have a booking prior to your charter decorating will need to be done at your scheduled charter time. 13. Changes to these Terms & Conditions Aquarius Charters reserves the right to make reasonable changes to these Terms & Conditions if required at any stage and will provide you with written notice of any changes to these terms and conditions, for your acceptance.

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